Tomorrow I leave for the O.C. Yea! I get to see Amanda and Jason, and a performance of Jason’s Show. And I know Amanda will appreciate most that I called it Jason’s show. So tonight it’s laundry and packing.

I’ve been thinking about baby niece/nephew almost daily now. I’m trying to guess where I’ll be when I get the call that the baby is being born. I think in school would be the most dramatic, and I’d probably be tempted to give the kids frequent updates, which could only gross them out. Although, after the other 7th grade teacher’s wife just had a baby, I think they’re pretty well-educated on the topic.

I’m hoping the baby holds out until my birthday, but I know that waiting for 5 days is a lot to ask of an unborn fetus. Perhaps though…And I found out that my brother and sister-in-law were planning to name it Owen if it were a boy, but her boss just had a baby boy and named it Owen. Doh. So now I don’t know…Owen was pretty solid though. There’s Owen Wilson, and that book about the Owen Meany kid. Could be worse. Could be Tatum or Tater or something.

My birthday has also inspired me to think about getting a tattoo. It’s something I’ve thought about a lot, but never really said much. Seeing as how I have little idea what I’d get or where, it probably won’t happen. Becky’s been making fun of me for looking through books at the library for ideas. Hey, I heart libraries.

Speaking of which, I can’t sing the praises of my new branch library enough. Come on, they have a glass sculpture suspended from the ceiling, and a fireside reading room (yes, with a fireplace in the middle). And, I just realized that I can borrow CDs from them, and copy them to my computer. I think Donna and John have known this a long time, but I just figured it out.

In school news, one of my kids had an odd prayer request. I said “Any prayer requests this afternoon?” And he raised his hand and said “Um, it’s my birthday tomorrow, and so that I don’t die.” Uh…..okay….is this something I should be concerned about? He ran out before I could talk to him. I think it was just one of the weird-o things he says, but I’ll have to investigate tomorrow.

I made a girl cry today, which sucks. But, I felt better when I found out she’s crying in other teachers’ rooms too. So, technically, it probably wasn’t me that made her cry.

Wow, that took a sad turn quickly.

Back on the rambling side, tomorrow I will deliver Quiddie’s “Party Animal” t-shirt to him, and take pictures. I’ve promised Dave that I will post them here soon.



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2 responses to “Rambling…

  1. Maybe you should get your tattoo in the OC! Have a spectacular time, and watch out for the boys from Chino.

  2. Maybe I should…hmmm…..You have a great time at your birthday brunch!!!

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