Funny kid highlights

1) We’re reading Flowers for Algernon, and one of the kids (balls boy) says to another “Hey, are you crying?” And I look over, and he’s got a napkin held up near his eye. He replies with “No! It’s a pimple that’s bleeding.” Ugh.

2) I can’t really take credit for this since it didn’t happen in my classroom, but the same boy (pimple boy) held up his hand in my friend Becky’s class and said “I can see a shadow and it’s daytime!”

3) From yesterday: We were reading Flowers for Algernon and in the story Charly has this part about how confusing it is that “through” is pronounced “threw,” while “enough” is pronounced “enuff” and “tough” is “tuff.” The pimple kid was reading this part out loud, and stops and looks up and says “I used to think that too!!!”

Now we call him Charly.


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