Heart of Darkness

Here’s a good kid story, or at least mildly funny.

Two kids in one of my 8th grade classes have been arguing over a pencil for a few days. Everyday M comes in and screams “L took my pencil!” Yes, this is the balls boy. So today the argument went on and on. She says he let her borrow it, he says she stole it.

Anyway, I was sick of it, and said “Well, M, if it’s that big of a deal, go talk to the principal about it.”

And he looks at me and with huge eyes says “But she has a heart full of darkness!”

So I say “Yes, and so do you and all the rest of us in this room.”

And he counters with “Yeah, but hers is pitch black!”

I’m not sure if the humor in that comes across, but M’s voice is sort of like what you would imagine if Cookie Monster was human. In real life, it was hilarious.


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  1. Grant and I are both highly impressed by the wit and quick thinking of your comeback. And this kid sounds hilarious. 🙂

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