Bon Bagay

I’ve decided to go back to Haiti for a visit in June, and so I’ve been catching up with some people I know there. I’ve been surprised to find so many of them have websites now. I’ve been reading them lately, and they’ve sort of re-oriented me into thinking more humbly.

Here is a great blog, written by people I don’t know and have never met. But, the expatriate community there is so small I’m sure we have friends in common. Their blog is a good intro. to life in Haiti, and they’re from MN so they feel like family. Their blog gives a lot of the details of the daily trials and tribulations involved in living and working in Haiti, and some good visuals as well.

To the Least of These is the website of missionaries John and Jody Ackerman. Their daughters went to Quisqueya when I taught there. John was the doctor for all the teachers, and always brought us fresh bagels from the Baptist Mission. They’re the definition of good people.

Here’s another blog, from Phil and Lonnie Murphy, also missionaries in Haiti. Their son David was in my very first class, although from the pictures he’s way old now, probably in high school. They’re very into sustainable agriculture in Haiti. I remember my friend Charity saying that Phil would bring suitcases of soda cans to Miami to recycle them since facilities weren’t available for that in Haiti.

And last, but certainly not least, my good friend Charity’s blog. Charity has been working and living in Haiti for way too long, maybe 5 or 6 years. She and I were roommates the year I was there, and she is definitely what kept me sane. And helped me to have some fun. She’s the one I’m going to visit.

If anyone’s interested, there are some good books set in and around Haiti as well. My favorite is probably The Comedians, by Graham Greene. I stole (borrowed?) this from Amanda, and never gave it back. Sorry, Panda! Anyway, it gives quite an accurate feeling of the desperation and fear that exists in Haitian life. Another favorite is Breath, Eyes, Memory by Edwidge Danticant. She’s actually written quite a few books that give a glimpse into Haiti. An interesting, but long read is Song of Haiti, the story of Gwen and Larry Mellon who set up a hospital in the central valley of Haiti.


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