Adult Responsibilities

Now, when I say adult responsibilities, I mean it as in responsibilities that must be done by people who are independent, not like adult book store, or adult activity center.

And I hate adult responsibilities. They’re stressing me out. First, my condo in Charlotte is still not sold. It’s been on the market since May, and nary an offer. Now, if I could move it to CA, it’d be a steal. However, sitting in Charlotte, it’s brought me nothing but property taxes. Ugh. Anyone want a summer home in Charlotte?

Oh, and taxes…hate them. Last year my parents thought it was time for me to do them on my own, despite there being lots of complicated things involved. A woman at H&R Block brought me to tears, and my parents relented and had their tax person do them. Now, my parents are extremely generous and have helped me a lot, but I very rarely ask them for help. Anyway, taxes are here again, and it stresses me out. I think I’ve had 4 or 5 different jobs in this tax year, which sucks.

Damn, if only I had appreciated the stress free life in college. One stress I’m thankful for not having right now–babies. Now there’s an adult activity that complicates life even more.



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4 responses to “Adult Responsibilities

  1. boo for taxes! the family friend in arkansas that did ours (for cheap) the last several years closed down shop, so now we’re going to have to do them ourselves. some of my friends have suggested turbotax? i guess you enter all the info, and it figures things out for you.

  2. We have used TurboTax for the last 3 years and it is AMAZING! It only takes a few hours max, and tells you how much of a refund you’re getting when you’re done. And when you use it year after year, it just automatically pulls the info it needs from last year’s return into the new one – brilliant! Also, you can have your refund deposited directly in your bank account – so you get in in less than 2 weeks! And no, I have not been added to their payroll. I wish.

  3. That stuff actually just drives me to tears. It’s not like I’m not capable of doing it, it’s just so frustrating to me, like algebra in high school.

  4. Well, if you can wait until mid-March, pick up a copy of TurboTax and pack it up with your laptop and I’ll help you with it when you visit – if you want . . .

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