Meet Chrisie

So I’ve always wanted a cat. When I was younger, I had a cat named Jeffy. He was a lilac point Siamese, and totally awesome. Jeffy was sadly poisoned when I was in high school, but not before he had developed feline diabetes. My mom had to give him insulin injections in his tail. When I moved out, she (my mom) got three new cats–Calvin, Hobbes, and Bug. Actually, she inherited Bug. My sister-in-law Susan had a baby kitten, and accidentally ran over it. After that, she got a new cat to replace it. She named the new one Gary. But, my brother did not want a cat in their house, so they wanted to bring it to the Humane society. My mom couldn’t handle it, so she adopted Gary and changed his name to Bug. It’s an open adoption, Susan sees him often.

Anyway, I would love to have a cat, but with $50 a month pet rent, I can’t really afford one right now. I still do browse the Humane Society webpages though, and that’s where I found Chrisie. What I love is that the picture does not agree one bit with the information written about here. Here’s Chrisie’s profile: Chrisie is fairly socail and affectionate. She was easy to handle during her behavior and medical exam. She can be a little shy but warms up quickly. Um, yeah.



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5 responses to “Meet Chrisie

  1. My previous boss has two ADORABLE dogs named Calvin and Hobbs. Apparently it’s a pretty popular name duo. I’m not really sure why I felt inclined to leave a comment regarding that. But there it is.That cat picture is fricking hilarious.

  2. I think we should give Chrisie the benefit of the doubt and say that the picture was taken mid-friendly meow. It is a poor choice of picture to try and get be people to adopt it, but that’s someone else’s fault.I still want to love it and squeeze it and call it George.

  3. Tricia–I think I named them that sometime in high school…I thought I was clever. I love the picture too.And I did entertain the idea that it was a friendly meow, but if you look at the picture full-size, you can see the evil in her eyes. And the fact that her name is spelled weird makes me think there’s something just a little off about her.

  4. Also, where is this cat in the photo? Very strange surroundings. It looks like stainless steel sheeting on the walls. This cat lives in an oven.

  5. She’s in an oven at the SPCA. That’s exactly it, Jas!

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