Good question!

10 points for anyone who guesses correctly what the picture is. (By the way–“points” is a fun game created by some of my 8th grade students. One day when a student and I were going back and forth with sarcastic comments about some homework assignment, I made a great comment, and a funny kid said “Ooooh, Ms. De Yager 10 points!”)



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5 responses to “Good question!

  1. Aren’t those gummy pop bottles?

  2. 10 points to both Jason and Heather! Correct–they are gummy cola bottles. Use your points wisely.

  3. I knew the second I saw the picture- my stepmom is from Germany so we grew up on loads of those babies that her brothers sent us! Love them.Did you change the look of your blog? It seems like last time I checked, it was green. Sorry for asking such personal questions.

  4. Hey Cristina! I’ve been playing with my blog a little, adding things here and there. I love the gummy cola bottles too! When I was growing up they were made by one of my dad’s competitors, so I always felt guilty eating them. Now I’m free to love Haribo. 🙂

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