Top 5 Baby Clothes Sayings

Both of my sisters-in-law are preg-o, so I’ve been doing a lot of baby shopping lately. Here are the top 5 items I’ve seen on baby clothes, in no particular order:

1. I ate my dreidel
2. Not an elf
3. I might puke
4. Chicks dig me (on a blue onesie)
5. No one puts baby in a corner (on a pink onesie)

And my all time favorite baby outfits are anything that has ears on the top. For Christmas both babies-to-be got a really soft, bear suit with ears from BabyGap. One was brown and the other white. I guess I’m setting up good baby versus bad baby. That’s okay, my mom used to dress my brothers, who are 18 months apart, as twins. That’s much worse.


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